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The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb is a living place of creating, displaying, interpreting, and preserving contemporary art in all its forms. Its goal is to encourage and uphold the understanding of contemporary art through professional, innovative, and educative usage of exhibitions and collections, thus enabling different groups of visitors to learn, be creative, and get a unique experience.

In remembering and discussing Tomislav Gotovac's public performances, it's important to acknowledge his commitment to the principle of 'free creation.' This concept was not just a philosophical stance but a practical approach to art-making that encouraged spontaneity, improvisation, and engagement with the audience. Gotovac’s performances, often held in urban settings, invited onlookers to partake in the artistic process, blurring the lines between creator and spectator, private and public, art and life.

Therefore, in celebrating Gotovac's artistic legacy, we uphold the values of creative freedom and the essential role of art in challenging, questioning, and redefining the world around us. His works continue to inspire new generations of artists to explore and articulate their visions without restraint, fostering a culture where art remains a vital, dynamic force in society.

Sandra Vitaljić's photography captures critical social issues like domestic violence, collective memory, and national identity construction. In her practice, she questions the ethics of conflict photography, highlighting the significant role of the photographer in contemporary society. This artwork showcases Vitaljić's commitment to using photography as a tool for social commentary and change, urging us to reflect on the power of images to shape societal understanding and attitudes.

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